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API Spec. Q1 9th Edition addresses the subject of risk in Clause 5.3, Risk Assessment and Management. It is important to understand that risk assessment as addressed in this section only applies to impact upon:

  • Delivery of product
  • Product quality

The organization is responsible for implementing these requirements in order to conform to a Q1 quality management system. While Q1 outlines the high-level requirements for this subject, it does not provide details about “how” to implement it.

In order to better understand your journey to implementation, it is important to understand the circular nature of Q1. For example, the following Q1 clauses are directly or indirectly related to the subject of risk assessment, whether or not they have been specified in Clause 5.3:

Updates from the President, Bud Weightman

As referenced in the Bibliography, it is important to have a copy of ISO 31000, Risk management—Principles and guidelines (1). While ISO 31000 identifies generic requirements for the implementation of a risk management system that could apply to most risk-based situations, its contents are relevant for understanding how to apply a risk assessment culture that is related to Clause 5.3’s intent (i.e., delivery of product and product quality).

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