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Q: On external documents, do revisions only apply to API product specifications?

A: API Spec. Q1, Clause 4.4.4 states:

4.4.4 Use of External Documents in Product Realization
“When API product or other external specification requirements, including addenda, errata, and updates, are used in the design or manufacture of the product, the organization shall maintain a documented procedure for the integration of these requirements into the product realization process and any other affected processes.”

 While the above statement appears to be straight forward, it is not; it basically means that you have to track the changes to:

  • API Spec. Q1
  • The normative references shown in Spec. Q1; ISO 9000
  • ISO 9001, if you also have a quality management system certification to ISO 9001
  • If your company is licensed to a product specification under the API Monogram Program, it means that you have to track the product specifications applicable to your company, including their changes
  • Normative references shown in Section 2 applicable to your product (Section 2 is the typical location in most product specifications). As an example, normative references can be any of the following document types:
    • API RPs; Recommended Practices or related documents
    • ISO; International Organization for Standardization
    • ASTM; American Society for Testing Materials
    • ASME; American Society for Mechanical Engineers
    • ASNT; American Society for Nondestructive Examination
    • Other related standards bodies

It also means that you will have to track changes to statutory and/or regulatory requirements that may be related to product (e.g., OSHA requirements related to land rigs).

The word “changes” has several possible meanings, for example:

  • Addendum
  • Errata
  • Revision
  • Updates

 Useful Links:

The following table provides some useful links. For example, the Annual Standards Plan provides a forecast of upcoming changes to API documents, and the Standards Addenda & Errata page provides a listing of the documents that have been changed.


What does this do for me?

Annual Standards Plan This page illustrates the upcoming changes to API product specifications and RPs. This information can be used for the management review process required by Q1, Section 6.5.
Standards Addenda & Errata This page illustrates the current addenda & errata to API product specifications and RPs. This information will alert you to the recent changes and will support the activities required by Q1, Section 4.4, External Documents in Product Realization.
Authorized API Redistributors This page identifies those organizations who redistribute industry codes, standards, specifications, etc. API, ASME, ASTM and other such documents.


— Bud Weightman
President, Qualified Specialists, International

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