Q: During an API audit, an auditor wrote an audit nonconformity stating that we had disposed of welder continuity records that were older than 5 years; do you think this is really a finding since API Spec. Q1, Section 4.5 states in part “…Records shall remain legible, identifiable, and retrievable. Records shall be retained for a minimum of 5 years or as required by customer, legal, and other applicable requirements, whichever is longer.”

A: To ensure you minimize any risk associated with this issue, I recommend maintaining the welder continuity records.

If the records have been disposed, in order to respond to the API AAR, there should be sufficient evidence within your quality management system to prove the welder has been welding in any given process through work order records, time cards, and the like.

From one perspective, 5 years is the retention period specified by Q1.

However, there are a couple of other points to consider in this equation.

  1. How do you prove that you had continual welder continuity if you do not maintain the welder continuity records? I suspect that ASME Section IX and/or AWS D1.1 (as examples) only specify that these records are required and most likely do not specify a retention period, hence the question I posed.
  2. The other important point to remember is the retention period required by the API product specification. Some specifications require records to be retained for “x” years upon a product becoming obsolete while others may just specify retention for “x” years.

I believe your position would be more sound if the product specification agrees with Q1’s 5 year period; however, the question posed in item #1 above still exists.

— Bud Weightman
President, Qualified Specialists, International

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