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Proper employee training and tracking of personnel competency remains a requirement for most management system standards and is a component that ensures your company’s compliance. Effective management of competence and training activities can be cumbersome without appropriate management system tools to comprehensively schedule, track, and record training events while maintaining the education, skills, and past experience of your personnel.

QSI’s web-based Competency and Training applications are designed to manage your company’s training initiatives across the board. Training activities can be linked to the Document Control application to ensure compliance with your management system standards and specifications. Within the applications, you can create training templates, plans, and records that holistically track key data such as training requirements and certifications and employee attendance.

The applications also allow you to capture employee attendance for given courses, as well as input training certifications, competencies, and other basis for qualification criteria.

With QSI’s web-based tool for training and competency management, your company will have the confidence it needs to pass internal and external audits, maintain your certification and compliance, and gain a competitive edge.

Benefits of Web-Based Training and Competency Management


Audit Ease

Easy accessibility to training and competency records during routine audits, directly from employee profiles

Electronic Documentation

Keep electronic documentation of all training activity within your organization

System Access

Varying levels of user roles for appropriate approval and control through the management system


Integration with other quality management system areas, such as Document Control


Get full visibility of required training

Other Software

Other software apps that most companies value to effectively track their quality management:


♦  Document Control

♦  Calibration & Maintenance

♦  Change & Risk Management

Make Software Your Competitive Advantage

Automate the processes required for certification with QMS software.

♦  Reduce the manhours spent on data entry

♦  House all your management system standards under one platform

♦  Reduce the time it takes for certification

♦  Gain instant visibility to all QMS data

Application Highlights

Improve Organizational Oversight

Quickly search an employee’s training record to determine the type of training they received, the course, and the status of training events. Instantly view and determine an employee’s basis for qualification, including all relevant job titles that link back to your management system’s documentation.

Use the application’s interactive training calendars and dashboards to stay on track of upcoming training events and to get a comprehensive look at all your company’s training activity and analytics.

Training Effectiveness

Training is just one step to compliance. Training effectiveness allows you to measure the results of training and make changes accordingly. Its effectiveness allows you to demonstrate a real and significant benefit to your organization.

Within the application, you can determine how training effectiveness will be determined and assign the appropriate personnel for its verification and closure.

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Additional Training and Competency Management Features


Easy search and retrieval


Intuitive interface and functionality


Instant visibility to real-time dashboards and advanced analytics


Track all training attendance

Comprehensive training in application
Link training activities to applicable documents in Document Control Application
Attach test and other training data to specific training events
Create and view training templates, plans, and records
Create competency requirements
Technical system support

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