Comincar S.A. De C.V. provides its clients with superior maintenance and repair drilling equipment, such as drawworks, crown blocks, rotary tables, drilling hooks, mud pumps and traveling blocks.

QSI will assist Comincar’s two locations – Cárdenas (Tabasco) and Ciudad del Carmen (Campeche) – to achieve a license for API Specification 6A, API’s Monogram Program and a QMS certification for the requirements of both API Specs. Q1 and Q2.

License and QMS Certifications

API Monogram Program Product Specification License for Spec. 6A Q1, QMS Certification Q2, QMS Certification
Adapter and Spacer Spools 1) Maintenance service and spare parts sales for onshore and offshore capital equipment.
2) Repair, refurbishment, rebuild, remanufacture of oilfield capital equipment.
3) Manufacturing and fabrication of parts and structures to support maintenance activities.
Field maintenance and support of capital equipment for the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Refining Industries.

As shown below, an API license provides a value to purchasers of API Monogrammed Products:

“The API Monogram Program allows an API Licensee to apply the API Monogram to products. The API Monogram Program delivers significant value to the international oil and gas industry by linking the verification of an organization’s quality management system with the demonstrated ability to meet specific product specification requirements. The use of the Monogram on products constitutes a representation and warranty by the Licensee to purchasers of the products that, on the date indicated, the products were produced in accordance with a verified quality management system and in accordance with an API product specification.” (Excerpt from API Spec. Q1, Annex A).

QSI will be actively engaged with Comincar’s management and facility staff throughout this time frame. The implementation project will be managed through a project timeline to ensure that implementation tasks are completed as scheduled.

Once the API specified requirements have been implemented, the API will perform a licensing and QMS audit to the Monogram Program requirements. Shortly thereafter, Comincar will receive its license.

QSI looks forward to assisting Comincar throughout this certification process!