Dream Rides Entrepreneurship, Inc.

Building dreams into reality. Dedicated direction. Inspired direction.

This is not about fast cars. This is not about extravagant wealth. This is about changing lives, providing hope, building determination. Dream Rides Entrepreneurship was founded to change lives and provide hope. Built to serve the under-served. Young people who couldn't afford to have dreams. The future seemed bleak. With so many obstacles facing them, they could not see a way through.

DRE Youth Participant

“Dream Rides convinced me that I could make it. I could make something of myself. Now, I believe in me. I know I will find a way.”

Connecting curious minds with successful entrepreneurs to:

Dream Rides is for dreamers and doers.

For those who are willing to work towards their dreams.

For those who are willing to listen and take direction.

For fighters who face challenges head on.

For those who take responsibility for their future.

For those willing to invest in themselves.