Dock-to-Stock Program

  Question Submitted by JD Stevens, Sr. Director of QHSE at Ulterra Drilling Technologies L.P.   Q: Is there a way to implement a dock-to-stock program that complies with API Spec Q1?   I am being requested to implement a dock-to-stock program for certain part types. I have concern with this because I think it […]

Corrective Action and Control of Nonconforming Product

Question from a Wellhead Manufacturing Company Q: I would like to know the difference in application between Clauses 6.4.2 (Corrective Action) and 5.10 (Control of Nonconforming Product). When you detect a nonconforming product, there is a nonconformity, and Clause 6.4.2 states the steps to correct nonconformities; I just see that in 6.4.2 b). Corrections for nonconforming […]

ISO 9001:2015 and Q1

Q: How much of ISO 9001:2015 will we be able to adopt into Q1? A: API Spec. Q1 has mandatory requirements for documented procedures, whereas ISO 9001:2015 discusses the term “documented information.” 3.8.6 documented information “information (3.8.2) required to be controlled and maintained by an organization(3.2.1) and the medium on which it is contained. Note 1 […]

Interpreting API Q1, Clause 5.10.2

Q: Can you please explain API Q1, Clause 5.10.3? A: This section of Q1 has always been a bit confusing. As you will notice, there is no “accept-as-is” disposition in API Spec. Q1. API addresses this condition as “acceptance under concession.” Acceptance under concession outlines the steps a manufacturer must take in determining whether or not […]

External Documents and Revisions

Q: On external documents, do revisions only apply to API product specifications? A: API Spec. Q1, Clause 4.4.4 states: 4.4.4 Use of External Documents in Product Realization “When API product or other external specification requirements, including addenda, errata, and updates, are used in the design or manufacture of the product, the organization shall maintain a documented procedure […]

Risk and Nonconforming Product

Q: Risk assessment associated with product quality shall include: delivery of nonconforming product; is this about risk involved after a nonconforming product is delivered, or is this about risks which cause nonconforming product? A: Q1 states in part . . . 5.3 Risk Assessment and Management “The organization shall maintain a documented procedure to identify and control […]

Top Auditing Issues

Q: From your experience as an API auditor, which top issues do auditors and auditees face? A: Below are some of the most common findings related to Q1, 9th edition.* *Note: The information gathered below is based upon our clientele, our Q1 training students, and communications throughout the quality community. 1. Documentation of risk assessments, contingency […]

Critical Supplier vs. Non-critical Supplier

Q: How does an organization determine the difference between a critical supplier and non-critical supplier as deemed in API Spec. Q1, Section 3.1.6? A: The bottom line is that it is up to the licensee to determine which suppliers are critical. An auditor cannot fault the licensee if they disagree with the licensee’s interpretation. I suggest considering […]

Auditing Critical Suppliers

Q: According to API Spec. Q1 sections and, we are basically supposed to perform supplier audits annually on “critical” suppliers. I have an audit planned for suppliers of critical products and services. That’s OK. However, I found a few critical suppliers that are companies abroad with a global presence, and I don’t have […]