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Corrective Action and Control of Nonconforming Product

Question: ” I would like to know the difference in application between Clauses 6.4.2 (Corrective Action) and 5.10 (Control of Nonconforming Product).

When you detect a nonconforming product, there is a nonconformity, and Clause 6.4.2 states the steps to correct nonconformities; I just see that in 6.4.2 b). Corrections for nonconforming product are detailed in 5.10.2 (am I right?). Is it possible to manage nonconforming product just as corrective action?” View answer.

ISO 9001:2015 and Q1

Question: “How much of ISO 9001:2015 will we be able to adopt into Q1?” View answer.

Interpreting API Q1, Clause 5.10.2

Question: “Can you please explain API Q1, Clause 5.10.3?” View answer.

External Documents and Revisions

Question: “On external documents, do revisions only apply to API product specifications?” View answer.

Risk and Nonconforming Product

Question: “Risk assessment associated with product quality shall include: delivery of nonconforming product; is this about risk involved after a nonconforming product is delivered, or is this about risks which cause nonconforming product?” View answer.

Welder Continuity Records

Question: “During an API audit, an auditor wrote an audit nonconformity stating that we had disposed of welder continuity records that were older than 5 years; do you think this is really a finding since API Spec. Q1, Section 4.5 states in part “…Records shall remain legible, identifiable, and retrievable. Records shall be retained for a minimum of 5 years or as required by customer, legal, and other applicable requirements, whichever is longer.” View answer.

Top Auditing Issues

Question: “From your experience as an API auditor, which top issues do auditors and auditees face?” View answer.

Critical Supplier vs. Non-critical Supplier

Question: “How does an organization determine the difference between a critical supplier and non-critical supplier as deemed in API Spec. Q1, Section 3.1.6?” View answer.

Auditing Critical Suppliers

Question: “According to API Spec. Q1 sections and, we are basically supposed to perform supplier audits annually on “critical” suppliers. I have an audit planned for suppliers of critical products and services. That’s OK. However, I found a few critical suppliers that are companies abroad with a global presence, and I don’t have any doubt of their capability, as they are a leading provider of steel cord! Should I audit them? Is it really necessary?” View answer.

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