WholeLife Model Comes to Life with Houston Wellness Project’s Walking Program

At The Women’s Home, we understand the absolute importance of volunteers. Without them, we would not be the organization we are today and would not have their vast array of talents to lean on: an ever-growing well of brain, brawn, and heart. Every day, we rely on these amazing individuals and groups, and The Women’s Home and our residents are lucky to have them as valued friends, cheerleaders and mentors.

Please take a moment to meet one of the newest additions to TWH’s volunteer family:

Walking Program 9-27-13
The Houston Wellness Project

Earlier in the year, The Houston Wellness Project (HWP) researched and met with various organizations in an attempt to find a match for their “HWP Walks Program”. In June, after speaking with staff at The Women’s Home, both parties realized what a perfect match it would be. Among many other wonderful qualities, the goals and inspiration behind the HWP’s program lined up remarkably well with the “Physical” segment – and really, many segments – of our WholeLife Wellness Program (to find out more about WholeLife, go here). The Women’s Home and the HWP felt that the walking program would be beneficial in helping our clients in their journey to recovery and living a positive, healthy life.

Prior to the commencement of the Walks Program this past June, the HWP, through their own fundraising efforts, provided each participant from The Home a new pair of shoes from Luke’s Locker and a sports bra. Almost 20 of our clients joined the program, which started in late June. The nine weeks of Monday – Saturday programming included up to 45 minutes of walking, along with yoga and cross-training. The program ended with excitement and accomplishment on Sunday, August 28 with a free, 5K race. Each participant that completed the race received a finisher’s medal.

When asked how she felt the goals of the HWP related to the needs of the clients at The Women’s Home, Kelly Ramey, Founder and Chair at the HWP replied, “The clients at The Women’s Home are working to overcome various addictions and/or mental illnesses and make better decisions in their lives. Engaging in wellness activities is another avenue available to help them make consistent, positive, and healthy lifestyle choices.”

We couldn’t agree more and we look forward to continuing the partnership of WholeLife wellness with the HWP for many years to come. Who knows, we might have some future runners in the Houston Marathon. Walk and then run. Dream big!

“Wellness is infectious! Once you start you can’t stop. We hope that this will have a big impact on the clients of The Women’s Home,” said Kelly Ramey. “By providing a consistent walking and running program to the clients, we hope that they will want to continue to engage and challenge themselves. This type of program takes dedication, discipline, and focus. Completing a 5K is a big deal and hopefully the ladies will change the way they view themselves realizing that they have what it takes to recover. If we can achieve that, we have fulfilled our mission!”

To find out more about The Houston Wellness Project, visit their website at: http://thehwp.org/