The Gift of Gratitude

Thanksgiving November 2014

Thanksgiving will soon be upon us and with the holiday comes an important tradition for The Women’s Home. Every year staff and residents come together the Wednesday before Thanksgiving for our Grateful Circle. This is a time where we share with each other the things we truly appreciate in our lives. The Grateful Circle reminds many of the staff why we do this work and the impact we have on the lives of our residents. Others find it a humbling reminder of the important things as each year our residents take nothing for granted in their gratitude for each step of progress, big and small. Our residents are grateful for many things including reconnecting with family members, getting the job they tried hard for, being able to handle daily chores, and having their health again.

The Gratitude Challenge, which gained popularity in 2014, shows mindful thankfulness is catching. Meant to encourage people to make gratitude a habit, participants name three things they are thankful for each day they take part in the challenge. Not only does gratitude remind you of the good things in life, studies find a little appreciation can have big benefits. People who feel grateful have less stress, healthier relationships, argue less, and perform better in school and at work compared to their less thankful counterparts. People who show gratitude also feel more connected with their communities and are more likely donate money and volunteer.

This Thanksgiving, give your gratefulness a boost past the holiday season. Tell your loved ones you appreciate them, thank a stranger for their kind gesture, and enjoy the sun through autumn leaves. Show gratitude for the big and little things and see the ways it returns to you.

We want to take gratitude beyond our grateful circle this Thanksgiving and thank all of you for your support. The care of our community, of generous, compassionate volunteers and donors allows us to continue helping our residents find what they’re thankful for.