Selling, Stocking Pantries

ULR Drive Nov 14

Throughout the month of November Urban Leasing & Realty (ULR) Properties is hosting a nonperishable food item and toiletry drive benefitting our residents. The food drive has 11 drop off locations between the sponsors, including one at The Cottage Shop so donors all over town can participate easily. ULR is hosting one of the locations along with their cosponsors Ashton West Dallas apartments, Beet Box Blend Bar, CIM, Marie Flanigan Interiors, Marry Go Round, Rafail Insurance Group, SkyHouse Houston, and Total Nutrition throughout the City.

Food drive organizer and ULR co-owner Jessica St. John got involved with The Women’s Home after attending one of our luncheons three years ago. Our mission and message struck a chord with her, “Being a woman business owner, I can understand everyone needs help from time to time. The Woman’s Home isn’t a quick in and out, it really helps women get back on their feet.” She toured our facilities with our Young Professionals liaison, Bethany Fields and has been working with The Home ever since.

Jessica started the food drive through her company in 2013, at Bethany’s suggestion when Jessica asked what The Home needed. Jessica says the food drive also gives those who lack the time to volunteer or money for big donations a platform to make a difference in their community. At the end of last year’s drive, several agents from ULR felt the impact of their effort when they stocked The Home’s pantry and toured our campus. In 2013, the community response resulted in over 1,400 items and ULR is hoping to outdo that record this year, expanding the drive from one week to one month to give more donors a chance to contribute. With the involvement of several local businesses as sponsors and the extended time period of one month, their goal of breaking 2013’s record is in reach.

Jessic wished to thank Bethany and the other staff of The Women’s Home for allowing ULR and their co-sponsors to be of service.