Restyling Lives


SoK Salon owner Alden Clark and general manager Tim Auburn love the work they do with The Women’s Home. A supporter of The Home for four years, Alden has helped organize and host fundraisers including 2013’s One Billion Rising event, for the last four years has closed SoK for all the stylists to come and provide hair styling for our reNew and reDux show, is one of our annual gala’s underwriters and plays an integral role on our spiritual development team. Tim with his long background in the customer service industry and hotel and restaurant management has hosted multiple brown bag lunches with our residents, coaching them on how to take advantage of present opportunities to achieve their career goals.

Alden first heard of The Women’s Home while studying for his Masters in Feminist Theology at Southern Methodist University. The Home’s model and success rate kept appearing in national studies on recovery research and Alden realized we were in his own backyard. Fate gave a nudge when one of SoK’s regular clients began working at The Home and recruited Alden and Tim for volunteer work. Both of them connected with The Home’s mission of recovery and helping women for their own reasons. A close member of Tim’s family benefitted from a similar treatment program in their time of struggle years ago and Tim says “knowing there was someone to help him, made me want to give back, what The Home stands for matters to me in helping out.” Alden, a Liberation Theologian, is a strong advocate for gender equality and the support and empowerment of women. “Anytime I can find something liberating women from oppression I’m all about it.”

Alden’s immersive and interactive approach to spiritual exploration using role playing and activities has made him a favorite of our spiritual program participants. Helping our residents gain a hands on connection with the world and themselves on a deeper level allows Alden to use his theological training to give back to the community. Tim, with his wide and varied career history has always risen to opportunities in the present and never let a closed door shut him down. His work with the brown bag lunches gives him the chance to imbue our ladies with the same perseverance.

He encourages residents to not only focus on their end career goal, but connect with the opportunities and paths that will lead them there. He enjoys watching their optimism surface through the frustration of searching for that important job. Having endured a year unemployed before a mutual friend connected him with SoK Salon and Alden, Tim remembers the stress of the search. Working at SoK Salon, where he fills a much needed niche in a flexible and rewarding career allows Tim to lead by example for our women.

Alden and Tim’s efforts with The Home have helped our women grow spiritually and vocationally. Their combined efforts with our residents ensures we can offer the best tools for building whole lives.