Quick Facts

The Women’s Home at a Glance

  • The Women’s Home is a multi-ethnic, non-denominational, non-profit United Way agency that serves women who have experienced homelessness because of mental illness, abuse or addiction.
  • Founded in 1957, we have a history of helping women rebuild their lives that spans 60 years.
  • Our unique WholeLife® program addresses six areas of wellness – emotional/mental, physical, fiscal, social, vocational and spiritual – and provides an opportunity for women to create a balanced and rewarding life.
  • The Women’s Home is a recognized model of excellence in long-term residential rehabilitation and is one of only five programs for women in the region approved by the Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services.
  • Nearly 90% of women who participate in our program for six months or longer leave with income and housing, for a success rate that is almost double the national standard.
  • The Women’s Home is a training site for psychiatric residents from Baylor College of Medicine as well as graduate and undergraduate students from the University of Houston campuses, University of Texas School of Nursing, Our Lady of the Lake University and Texas Southern University.

Our Approach to Treatment

  • Trauma-Informed Treatment – Our services are designed to acknowledge the impact of violence and trauma on our clients’ lives and the importance of addressing trauma in treatment.
  • Strength-Based Treatment – We search for the positive potential in all of our clients and develop individualized treatment plans based on their strengths.
  • Gender-Specific Treatment – Our program recognizes that there are differences between men’s and women’s individual experiences and perspectives. We give particular attention to the individual characteristics of the women in our program and tailor our services to meet their gender-specific needs. By doing so, we address the issues that are unique to women and treat them accordingly.
  • Motivational Interviewing – We recognize that clients who need to make changes in their lives are often not ready to do so. Through motivational interviewing, our staff offers non-judgmental, non-confrontational and non-adversarial counseling to our clients. This method of counseling serves to increase clients’ awareness of the effects of their harmful behavior and motivates them to change.


Our WholeLife® program produced the following successes in 2016:

  • The program served 295 clients at The Women’s Home.
  • 86% of our treatment and transitional clients who stayed six months or longer left the program with income. Our clients found employment at an average hourly wage of $12.56 per hour.
  • 86% of the women who stayed six months or longer left with permanent housing.
  • 80% of the tenants at Jane Cizik Garden Place had lived there for more than a year, compared to the national retention rate of 60%.
  • Jane Cizik Garden Place had 10 chronically homeless tenants, all of whom received intensive case management services (a certain number of apartments are reserved for tenants with a history of chronic homelessness).

Our WholeLife® program’s history of success: 

  • Since 1992, The Women’s Home clients and our community have benefited from our unique internship program, training tomorrow’s mental health professionals today.
  • After completing our treatment and transitional housing program, a successfully employed graduate will add nearly $600,000 back into the local economy over the course of her lifetime.
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