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Fast Facts & Highlights From 2017

  • The Women’s Home served 468 clients through all our programs.
  • 100% of our treatment and transitional clients who stayed six months or longer left the program with income. Our clients found employment at an average hourly wage of $10.44 per hour.
  • 76% of the women who stayed six months or longer left with permanent housing. An additional 9% percent went on to utilize supportive sober housing.
  • 86% of the tenants at Jane Cizik Garden Place had lived there for more than a year, compared to the national retention rate of 60%.

Client Stories

  • The Value of Second Chances - Witnessing the struggles that our residents with criminal records face as they work towards a second chance inspired us to develop and host the Re:Entry Summit this past September. The public’s lack of awareness of the lasting impact criminal records have on individuals makes it difficult for The Women’s Home, and organizations like us, to […]
  • Connecting with the Community - Being connected to the community you live in fosters an important sense of belonging. At our supportive housing facility, Jane Cizik Garden Place (JCGP), events and activities provided by staff and volunteers give residents the chance to socialize. Every month, JCGP hosts at least three events for residents, including the much-loved Ladies’ Night organized by […]
  • Paying it Forward: Arlene’s Story - My doctor prescribed Vicodin to me following major surgery. Neither of us knew those pills would consume my every waking moment. Years before, I was diagnosed with major depression disorder, and Vicodin gave me a euphoric energy that overcame my melancholy. Nothing could compare to that high – not even my successful 17-year career as […]
  • Jessica’s Story - “A turning point for me was when I learned I have power over choice,” she said. “A healthier life is my decision.” At age 12 Jessica was introduced to marijuana and alcohol by her mother, an active drug user. Her mother died a year later, leaving Jessica with the thought that addiction was her only […]
  • Giving Back, Going Forward: Bryson’s Story - Bryson Blair was welcomed into The Women’s Home in 2012 and immediately took to the structured, disciplined WholeLife® program. She appreciated how the WholeLife® approach addressed her underlying issues, and didn’t focus solely on her alcohol addiction. Bryson was able to find role models and understanding friends in her new community. She also learned why […]
  • Lifted by Her Father’s Love: Deborah’s Story - Growing up, Deborah was a sheltered straight “A” student. A Daddy’s girl. To make ends meet, her father worked long hours, and she was often left in the care of her much older siblings. Unfortunately, they were dabbling in drugs and as fate would have it, they soon introduced their younger sister to this darker […]
  • Moving Out to Moving Up: Laura’s Story - Laura came to The Women’s Home after escaping an incredibly abusive eight year relationship. She left, when she could not take it anymore, leaving with a tiny overnight bag and no money. Laura found refuge at a small community hospital when her “angel”, a receptionist at the entry desk, saw her outward wounds and found […]
  • A Guiding Light to the Lost: Tina’s Story - For 10 years Tina sought shelter at a bus stop, living a life consumed by addiction and a struggle to stay alive, by any means necessary. We may have all passed her by, a woman marginalized and out of touch with basic needs. It wasn’t always this way. Tina grew up in Abbeville, Louisiana the […]
  • Strength did not come overnight: Deshon’s Story - The strength she needed did not come overnight. For many years, Deshon soothed the emotional pain of her traumatic childhood with destructive habits and addictions.  She needed time and a safe place to deal with the traumas of her past.  She found The Women’s Home. Upon arriving at The Women’s Home, Deshon tried desperately to […]
  • I Have Peace at Jane Cizik Garden Place: Cheryl’s Story - Cheryl had made it. After years of working in Corporate America, she was promoted to an executive position at a Fortune 500 company. She enjoyed her fast-paced career. She managed people and projects. She gave motivating speeches in classrooms and Her colleagues admired her ability to accomplish huge tasks with confidence and ease. But on […]
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