LPGA Legend, Nancy Lopez, Returns for the Fourth Year to The Women’s Home Golf Tournament

Nancy Lopez Golf 2-21-14For the fourth year in a row, LPGA legend, Nancy Lopez will be returning to provide her skills (and heart) to The Women’s Home Men’s and Women’s Invitational Golf Tournament on Monday, April 7, 2014.

We recently sat down with Nancy to ask about her dedication to this event and The Women’s Home, and why supporting women is so important to her. This is what she said:

TWH:  Why do you feel The Women’s Home is important to the community?

NL:  As a mother of two daughters, it is important for me to know that there are resources like The Women’s Home. If we needed services, I would want them to have a place where there would be love and encouragement to help solve their problems. It is just wonderful that women have a place like this to go. Often, people live in denial, but the reality is, these issues can happen to any one of us, or to our mothers, daughter or sisters.

TWH:  As you know, The Women’s Home has a WholeLife program that helps our clients to address six areas of wellness in their journey to a healthy life. What do you do in your own day-to-day life to live a WholeLife?

NL:  I begin my taking care of myself. In a world where there can be so much negative, it is so important to try to stay positive. My dad taught me that! There are so many wonderful things, so many positive things around us. We have to notice them. I also need my faith in God. It has taken me through so many things. I pray a lot for myself and for family and friends.

TWH:  What do you feel is different/special about women?

NL:  Women have to fight for opportunity and position. Both men and women have talents, and both are needed. I do think it’s important that women be both strong-minded and ladies. Women have a lot of power in the world. They CAN hypnotize everyone in the room with their MIND.  Sometimes, women feel degraded in relationships. I know this because it happened to me. I was talked down to, and I began to feel very bad about myself. I had to pull myself up and realize I was better than that, and no one could tell me different. I am proud to be a woman. I have a lot to give to the community and I am committed to making a difference.

TWH:  Can you talk a little bit about this year’s tournament?

NL:  Being on the golf course is always a good thing! I am so looking forward to being with all of you – my professional playing friends and those players I see every year. I hope those returning will reach out to new friends and get them involved. It is such a great cause and I can’t wait to be in Houston to support it.

TWH:  Why do you choose to come back each year and support The Women’s Home golf tournament?

NL:  We should all give a lot. When I lay my head down at night, it makes me feel good to know that I have done something that help others. Many causes are important to me – the March of Dimes, breast cancer research, and The Women’s Home really speaks to me as well.  It is great to return to see my friend, Carol Mann, and the wide array of professional golfers that appear each year. Each year, I recognize more of the players and supporters – they’ve become like friends and family!

This year, Nancy will be once again conducting a golf clinic prior to the tournament. Her tips and techniques are priceless, so don’t miss it!

LPGA Golfer, Nancy Lopez’ accomplishments are unparalleled in women’s golf. During the course of her professional career, she was Rookie of the Year and received the Player of the Year Award four times. She had 48 victories, including three major championships. Nancy is the first woman to receive the Frances Ouimet Award for Lifelong Contribution to Golf. She is also the recipient of the Bob Jones Award from the USGA and the 2012 Byron Nelson Award.