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About Leadership Circle

What we’d like to say first and foremost is thank you. Thank you for your continued support of The Women’s Home. Thank you for understanding how important it is to provide resources and a real second chance to women in crisis. Because of you and people like you, many local women are longer on the streets. They are no longer afraid for their life. They are sober and employed and looking at their first real chance at a bright future. Because of you, they are now a productive member of this city.

This year, we ask that you consider becoming a part of our Leadership Circle. This special group of donors provides an annual contribution to The Home, ranging from $1,000 to $10,000 and allows our organization to continue providing the vital programs necessary to help rebuild the lives of the Houston area women in our care. This group of major donors assure The Women’s Home of a well-balanced and robust charitable base that will strengthen our ability to serve more women in need. There are few people on this earth who are not touched, in some way, by addiction, mental illness, or abuse. Present or past, immediate family or a friend, a coworker, or spouse. You know someone. Without intervention and support these traumas can lead to homelessness. These issues are multi-layered and they require individualized, multi-layered solutions.

That’s where The Women’s Home comes in. In the 60 years since its founding, The Home has established itself in Houston as a leader in solutions to the problem of homelessness. We have utilized innovative, evolving and proven intervention to provide the lost women of our city a fighting chance. Our WholeLife® program has received accolades nationally for its efficacy.

Because of your unwavering support, there are now two doors for the journey of recovery. Jane Cizik Garden Place apartment community provides housing that is safe and affordable for graduates of our program and others who desire to live in a sober, supportive environment. In addition, our treatment and transitional residential facility in Montrose continues to be a place of acceptance for those weary women who commit to begin anew.

Talk to Julie Comiskey, Chief Development Officer to make your year end, tax deductible pledge. It is vital to our work, vital to hope in the lives of so many women who need to envision and be able to achieve transformation.

2017 Leadership Circle to Date: In Honor of Paula Paust 

Every individual gift of $1,000 or more given from now through the end of the calendar year will place you into the 2017 Leadership Circle and also permanently on the amazing new donor wall honoring Paula’s service at our 811 Westheimer facility. The centerpiece of the wall is the 7 foot tall sculpture of the Emerging Woman by artist Bill Meek, given to The Home by a generous donor. Yes, I’d like to donate now.

Mary and Tony Gracely
Carolyn J. Keating
$5,000 to $9,999
Shirley and J. B. Coskey
Karen Ostrum George and Larry George
Harriet and Truett Latimer
Linda and Philip Lewis
Irene Liberatos and Michael Westergren
Mary Lynch and Scott Enger
Susan R. Morrison
Adele and Ber Pieper
Diane and John Riley
$2,500 to $4,999
Lisa and Walker Barnett
Hill A. Feinberg
$1,000 to $2,499
Phyllis O. Ashley
Mary S. Axelrad
Ron Beasley
Nancy Best
Mark and Pam Callahan
Charlene Carroll
Jane and Robert Cizik
Anne and Charles Duncan
Sonja Earthman Novo and Charles Novo
Elliot Gershenson
Shelley and Arthur Gottschalk / Belle Johnson
Laurie and Alfredo Gutierrez
Jenny and Jim Elkins
Kay and René Joyce
Lara Kroll
Courtney and Jeff Lyons
Karen and Evan Marti
Susan and Thomas McMahan
Trini Mendenhall
Sue Alexander Morrison
Brenda Peters-Chase and John Chase, Jr.
Sylvia and Gordon Quan
J’Anne and Jeff Rawson
Karen Kash and Joe W. Redden, Jr.
Jo Reid
Carolyn K. Rich
Carol Lee and Kenneth Robertson
Diana Strassmann in honor of Karen George
June Waggoner
Susan Walker-Spalding and Norm Spalding
Kay and J.D. Walther
Jeanie Kilroy Wilson
$500 to $999
Deborah L. Bay and Edgar Browning
Marillyn and Rex King in memory of Donna King
Jackie L. Phillips
Cathryn and Douglas Selman
Mary and Harold Siegele
$100 to $499
Amy E. Absher
Michelle and Lorne Bain
Molly Boren
Christy Brown
Janet and Donald Davis
Sheila and Domenic Dell’Osso
Susan and Charles Freeman
Lotty Gautschi
Judy and Tony Gilbert
Janice C. and Charlie Hall
Nancy and Mike Henderek
Evelyn E. Howell
Robbie and George Jones
Cecile and Samuel Keeper
Judge Steven E. Kirkland
Karen McCulloch
Laura and Bradley McWilliams
Donna and Charles Meyer
Bette Moser
Sandra and Phil Nauert
Barbara and John Patton
Sally and Norman Reynolds
Gail Rosenthal
Barbara and Mike Staley
Dr. Bette A. Stead
David Turkel
Robin Woodard
Clyde Young
Up to $99
Susan Bischoff Barlow
Rose Bryant
Nori DiVicino
Martha Macris
Nancy Shelton
Martha and John Simmons
Margaret Lotterhos Smith
Dorothy and Harold Zeiler

2016 Contributors

Melissa and Charles Davis
Louise and Vincent Foster
Mary and Tony Gracely
Susan and Thomas V. McMahan
Karen Kash and Joe W. Redden, Jr.
Lotty Gautschi
Karen Ostrum George and Larry George in honor of Margaret Clark Ostrum
Jane and Bill Joplin
Marillyn Lee and Rex King in memory of Donna King
Irene Liberatos and Michael Westergren
Melissa Roberts
Jeanie Kilroy Wilson
Lisa and Walker Barnett
Marie Taylor Bosargea
Jean and Bo Brackendorff in honor of Karen Ostrum George
Kathy and Randy Lake
Mary Lynch and Scott Enger in honor of Paula Paust
Mary B. McIntire in honor of Irene Liberatos
Laura and Bradley McWilliams
Melissa Roberts
The Romano Family
Kathryn Smith
Karan Sra
Kay and J.D. Walther
Amy and Brad Absher
Mary and Brian Arnold
Phyllis O. Ashley
Susan Ann Bailey
Paige and Saul Ben-Yaacov
Margot and John Cater in honor of Tom McMahan
Elaine M. Chaney in memory of Kathryn Chaney
Janet F. Clark
Donna F. Cole
Grant Cooper
Almeria T. Cottingham
Laura Woodard Devinney and Robert B. Devinney in memory of Barbara and Grant Woodard
Bob Dyer
Jane and Michael Evans
Leigh A. Evans
Brenda and Jerry Fabian
Leslie Forestier and Andrew Scarth
Barbara and Larry Fraser
Suzy Frizzell
Dr. Barbara J. Gibbs
James Gilligan
Dr. Austin Gréaux in honor of Mrs. Annie Lois West-Greaux
Lynda J. Hancock
Thomas and Claudia Hundertmark
Glen and Alan Husak/The Douglas Grymes
Charitable Foundation
Catherine and Brian James
Joan and Thorro Jones
Mandy and William Kao
Harriet and Truett Latimer in honor of Paula Paust
Courtney and Jeff Lyons
Julianne Mahler and Andrew Gamson
Susan R. Morrison
Chuck Nelson
Than-Nhi Nguyen and Stuart Moffitt
Deanne Noel
Marilee and Charles O’Connell
Paula and Jordan Paust in honor of Karen Ostrum George
Haven and Brad Pearson
Linda Petersen
Jackie L. Phillips
J’Anne and Jeff Rawson
Sally and Norman Reynolds
Carol Lee Robertson
Henry A. Sauer
Frank J. Senz
Janet Lee Smith
Barbara and Mike Staley in honor of Paula Paust
Dr. Bette Ann Stead
Joe Synan
Marcia Tapp in honor of Julie Mahler and Andrew Gamson
Pamela Tripathy
Nancy and George Van Os in honor of Laurie and Alfredo Gutierrez
Brenda Garrison White and James O. White in honor of Paula Paust
Judy Winograd
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