Honoring a Top Achievement

Top Achiever Oct 14

Laura Fowler (left) with Coalition for the Homeless CEO, Marilyn Brown (center) and the Male Achiever of the Year Steven Marshall (right)


Established in 1982, the Coalition for the Homeless of Houston is dedicated to coordinating community efforts to prevent and end Houston Homelessness. October 10 marked World Homeless Day and the Coalition used this day of awareness to acknowledge the progress and hard work of organizations and individuals in the Houston community. This year there were nine nomination categories. The Achiever of the Year Award recognizes two formerly homeless members of the community who have overcome significant barriers to achieve a self-sufficient and positive lifestyle. Laura Fowler, a 2011 graduate from The Women’s Home’s transitional housing program, became The Coalition’s 2014 Achiever of the Year Award Winner.

A former naval officer with two daughters, Laura came to The Home in 2010, after her alcoholism had taken over her life, alienating her from family and leaving her homeless. Laura began attending Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) meetings, and was encouraged by a graduate of The Home to seek help here. Through her work with staff in our WholeLife™ Program, Laura was able to face the pain from the loss of her mother when she was nine. Coming to terms with this loss that played a large role in her depression and alcoholism through counseling and her grief group allowed Laura to begin living instead of merely surviving.

With the training she received in our vocational program, Laura secured a cashier’s position at H-E-B in October 2011 and was soon promoted to Assistant Service Manager and assigned as the Veterans Reception Coordinator. In February 2013, she was named Partner of the month and then in March received H-E-B’s 2013 Woman of Distinction Award. As her professional life flourishes, so does Laura’s personal life. She is an active member of AA with a new mentor, she also participated in her work’s “Fully Fit” program, leading her to quit smoking after 20 years. Laura has reconnected with her family and daughters, rebuilding relationships she previously believed beyond repair. She also has new love in her life, after recently marrying. Laura’s hard work and progress rightly earned her the status of Achiever of the Year from the Coalition for the Homeless of Houston.

Congratulations to Laura Fowler, The Coalition for the Homeless of Houston’s 2014 Achiever of the Year. May you continue to thrive through your hard work to live a happy, healthy whole life.