Festive Gatherings Build Social Wellness

holiday collage

Top Row: Covenant Crossfit volunteers with The Women’s Home’s former Resource Development Director Marcia Tapp

Bottom Row : The Residents’ freshly decorated Christmas Tree (left), four of The Women’s Home staff including former Executive Director Paula Paust showing their elfin spirit (center), and two of the resident festive fashion models Mary Christmas and The Christmas Scarecrow (Right)

December is a month of celebration and gathering together to mark the changes of the past year. Cooperating in the spirit of the season helps residents use and enforce important social skills. This month the generosity of several groups has given our residents the chance to come together for the holidays. Mark Anthony Florist on Waugh Drive has generously donated arrangements to The Women’s Home for years, this year they delivered a ten foot Christmas tree to our residential facility. Our residents gathered together in the entryway of our dormitory to festoon the tree with twinkling lights, red ribbon, sparkling snowflakes and shiny balls of red, gold and green.

The spirit of collaboration and cooperation carried over to the residents holiday party Tuesday December 16, where generous members of our young professionals group and several of the women from Covenant Crossfit came together to organize and host a lively evening of festive fun. Each of our residents received a treat filled mug wrapped in vibrant tissue as they entered the party, which had been put together the night before by our party hosts.

Before the evening festivities took off, several members of staff performed The Women’s Home’s rendition of “Santa Baby” which included a wish list for bus passes for residents, a full pantry at Jane Cizik and updated equipment for resident treatment. Residents were also in the caroling spirit. A group of residents performed a heartfelt revamping of “The Twelve Days of Christmas” for staff of The Home, humorously acknowledging all the work staff and residents put in towards recovery.

After a delicious fajita dinner followed by desserts that were generously donated by friends of The Home, residents got into the party mood with a little friendly competition. The first activity of the night was a festive fashion contest, where four teams of eight had ten minutes to assemble the perfect outfit from wrapping paper, ornaments and other embellishments. The limited time span meant participants had to work together like a well-oiled machine in order to finish before it was time to face the judgment of crowd applause. The winning model was the Christmas Scarecrow, with a conical sparkling snowman for a hat and a dress of silver ribbon and green garland.

After the fashion design challenge, the party opened up to allow residents to enjoy a variety of activities. The Covenant Crossfit volunteers led by Abagail Dudds provided manicures, ran the bingo table and distributed prizes, helped residents craft holiday cards, and provided salsa instruction. The Young Professionals including Alex and Rachel Lopez and Courtney and Jeff Lyons, helped with set up and provided a perfect winter scene for photos with Santa.