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Treatment & Transitional Program (Montrose Campus)
Becoming a resident at The Women’s Home requires commitment, dedication and serious work. This is part of the reason for our high success rate.

Transitional Courtyard

To become a resident of The Women’s Home, you must be willing to work toward your potential by learning to break free of the unhealthy patterns of your past and by working to build healthy behaviors.

During your stay, you will be given the opportunity to restore your independence by participating in a structured, long-term residential program of counseling and training for an independent life.

Eligibility Requirements

Potential residents must meet the following requirements in order to be considered for our treatment and transitional program:

• You must be between 22 and 60 years of age.
• You must commit to a 6-month to 18-month program.
• You must participate in group and individual counseling.
• You must seek vocational/educational assistance.
• You must have a minimum of 60 days sobriety from drugs and 60 days abstinence from harmful behavior to yourself and others.
• You must be able and willing to function in a structured program.
• You must follow the recommendations of the treatment team as it relates to appropriate timing to pursue employment.

To enroll

1. Call our admissions coordinator, Emily Kemper, at 713-328-1954 to complete a telephone screening.
2. If you qualify for an in-person interview, the admissions coordinator will schedule a psychosocial assessment and a comprehensive evaluation to determine your mental health, addiction history, social status and functional capacity. The assessment lasts two to three hours. Bring a photo ID, social security card and a copy of any financial award letter.
3. After the in-person interview, the admissions coordinator will contact you, notifying you of your admission status and, if applicable, your tentative admission date.
4. If you are offered admission, you must submit a letter of homelessness from an emergency shelter prior to admission. The admissions coordinator will provide details as to how to obtain the letter during the interview.

What to Expect

At The Women’s Home, each resident is working to earn self-confidence, independence, income and a place in society. As a result of her own efforts, doors open. We expect you to adhere to the following:

• We require you to complete drug testing the day you enter the program and at random intervals during your stay.
• Once you obtain employment, we require you to pay rent and a portion of utilities. If you have income upon admission, you are required to pay 10% of your income while living at the Main Residence and 30% while living in transitional housing.
• We require you to participate in individual therapy, group therapy and chemical dependency groups based on your diagnosis.
• We require you to participate in the vocational program, which includes job search training and other job retention classes.
• You will be given the opportunity to participate in the spiritual development program, which may include working with a volunteer spiritual companion.
• You must work a number of shifts per week at the reception desk and at The Cottage Shop until you have full-time employment.
• You must obtain approval from the staff to begin a job search or to research any training certification opportunities. Job search certification programs begin only after the staff feels you are emotionally stable enough to proceed.
• You must complete daily household responsibilities; we require you to submit a weekly schedule of activities and respect curfew.
• A resident takes another step toward self-sufficiency when she symbolically exchanges her room key in the Main Residence for a key to residency in one of the four smaller transitional homes that mirror independent living.

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