Balancing the Books: The Women’s Resource teaches our Residents Financial Literacy

Women's Resource Oct 14

The Women’s Resource Volunteer educators Inez Mendez (left) and Angela Torres (right)

On the journey to a whole life, our residents learn balance in all things including their finances. Women who live within limited means like many of our residents, often do not have the opportunity of a financial education. The Women’s Resource of Greater Houston, one of the city’s leading financial literacy organizations, like The Women’s Home is dedicated to helping women and girls in need.

The Women’s Resource is a local Houston nonprofit which provides free financial literacy classes and after school programs to low income Houston women and at-risk high school girls.  The Women’s Resource offers its adult education classes at over 40 partner locations, offering free financial literacy training to women throughout Houston. The Women’s Resource empowers women to control their fiscal independence, avoid new debts, and manage existing ones. The Women’s Resource’s after school program, Project LEAD, offers a 10 week curriculum to 200 high school girls throughout Houston. Project LEAD, based on the study of successful women’s educations, actively works to keep at risk students in school and teach them vital financial skills. Additionally, The Women’s Resource partners with local colleges, universities and researchers to study the impact of financial literacy on Houston women and families.

“Our hope is that the classes will help participants enhance their money skills, create positive banking relationships, build financial knowledge, develop financial confidence, use banking services effectively and make sound financial decisions.”

Kelly Keith, the Program Manager at The Women’s Resource

The Women’s Resource has partnered with The Women’s Home since 2009. This September marked the beginning of an 11 week series of courses ranging from the basics of money and savings to smart credit usage. The Women’s Resource worked with our Manager of Case Management, Ana Hernandez to select the most beneficial courses for our residents. The courses will help our residents develop a full range of financial skills, including planning a budget, developing a financial plan for all stages of life, managing income and expenses, how to manage debt, smart credit usage, and how to evaluate insurance coverage.

These courses are the first opportunity some of our residents have had for a financial education. This access to financial education empowers our residents to build stable healthy bank accounts and investments, creating a strong financial foundation to support their futures.