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For 60 years, The Women’s Home has helped build community through building whole lives.

Our housing and support services are tailored to help prevent and end homelessness in the Houston area. Our programs specifically target women who are homeless or vulnerable to homelessness, many of whom have histories of addiction, mental illness or both. We offer them a home and individualized care using our WholeLife® program, which is a community-based, nationally recognized model of care. Our programs and services are designed to help our clients recover from the hardships of homelessness and addiction or mental illness, and return to living productive, independent lives. The Home helps our clients restore their vitality and independence not only by instilling healthy coping habits and helping with job placement, but also by providing environments that foster positive and supportive relationships in their community. By teaching our clients to cultivate healthy behaviors and connections with others, we empower them to overcome lifelong cycles of struggle and to lead fulfilling lives.

We accomplish this not only through the skills of our highly trained staff, but also with the integral support of our donors and many volunteers. Without the financial and personal involvement of our neighbors, The Women’s Home would not be able to empower Houston women to change their lives. The commitment and efforts of our volunteers and donors not only help us provide high quality service to our clients, but also affirm that there is a community that cares about our residents and encourages them to thrive and succeed.

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