A Holiday Tradition

Holiday Janet Davis

Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Janet Davis with her husband Donald

A sunny Wednesday morning in December, Carrie Colbert and Bob Hogan welcomed The Women’s Home Partnership into their home to celebrate a year of service for Houston women. The bright open archways of Colbert and Hogan’s home made a perfect environment for old and new friends of The Women’s Home to chat and mingle over coffee and savory and sweet bites provided by Partnership members. The morning gathering was more than just a time to recall and rejoice over the year’s events, it was also an occasion to honor those who support The Home and those who are building better lives for themselves.

Former esource Development Director Marcia Tapp spoke honoring Janet Davis, the 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner, for over 30 years of service organizing fundraisers and volunteer groups for The Home. Janet herself spoke not of her own efforts, but praised the work The Home has done and how we have grown over the years, applauding and encouraging the efforts of volunteers and our support groups The Partnership and The Young Professionals. After decades of service Janet still lauds The Home as one of the best places to volunteer and we are so grateful and proud to have her compassionate support and dedication.

Guests also heard the story of one of our residents, Melissa, who described her long struggle over the years with alcoholism. A nurse and mother of three, Melissa struggled with the need for control against a growing tide of responsibilities. Drinking allowed her to relax and helped grease the wheels of her marriage, but it didn’t help her happiness. One morning as the sun rose over the buildings on her drive to work, she knew things must change. She quit her job, telling her supervisor she needed to work on personal issues. Several months into her commitment to recovery, her husband divorced her. Melissa was sober for several years before again finding herself determined to have control and unable to accept that some things would always be out of her hands. It was then her Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor suggested she speak to two of our residents about our program. Now four months into her recovery treatment, she is learning to give up control and embrace these new changes. Melissa shares joint custody of her children, who live in the Houston area with their father and is learning to care first for herself to care for them.

Janet’s heartfelt support for The Home and our mission and Melissa’s brave story of her struggle and progress towards recovery connects the hard work of our auxiliary groups with the amazing changes their efforts make possible. The dedication of community members like Janet helps women like Melissa make changes that will last a lifetime.